Why start a mobile application over a website?

As more people consume information on their mobile phones, our goal is to provide a mobile platform where finding trustworthy, thought-provoking, and quality news & information is easy.

Why use BREVT over Google News / News Aggregator?

We don’t believe our application will be a replacement for all of your news consumption. However, we are trying to reduce the amount of time it takes for our users to find content that has depth and understands nuance.

How many articles/stories can I expect to see in a given category (i.e. Science, Health, etc)?

The number of new articles/stories that make their way to our platform will vary week to week. We stress quality over quantity. Our goal is to filter out internet noise. Traditional media outlets need to generate a large volume of content daily to attract your attention in order to satisfy advertisers. This means that valuable information often goes unnoticed because it is drowned out in the noise. We are trying to find the signal!

Why filter by articles/stories versus  by source?

We know that different sources of information are more trustworthy than others; however, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t valuable content across diverse outlets. Our goal is to find the articles/stories you may have missed.

You keep talking about “quality” – how do you define that?

We know we won’t be perfect when filtering information prior to it being presented on our platform. If there is any content that you believe to be inaccurate or misleading please help us flag that content and we will re-evaluate our decision to include it on our platform. We do our best to adhere to a few general rules of thumb when it comes to evaluating content.

I shared a perspective on an article – why isn’t it showing up?

We review comments prior to making them public to the BREVT community. Please see our community guidelines for how we evaluate public comments.

There isn’t a way to respond on the community thread to a comment?

Please see the community guidelines for a discussion of this question!

What is the everything category?

It includes all of the articles that we have included on our platform. If you don’t know if you are interested in a particular topic, start with everything and enjoy!