Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

At BREVT we value different perspectives and encourage you to provide your insights, expertise, and thoughts on articles with the community. We review and reserve the right to remove any post that is shared for public consumption on our platform.

A starting point: Our platform is not a messaging board, we encourage you to help our community understand a different viewpoint on a topic, share additional context or nuance the article may have missed, or add an additional layer of understanding on a complicated subject that you may have expertise in. However, we limit you to one response per article and do not allow users to comment on other’s responses (i.e. it is not a place for public debate).

Why? The goal of sharing your perspectives on our platform is to provide community members additional understanding on a given article topic. There are a number of great platforms for having debates, asking open ended questions, or learning a new skill where messaging boards are a necessity. Not only would we prefer not to compete with these platforms, we want to encourage those who have viewpoints on articles to share their perspectives without being shouted over by the loudest opinions, be subjected to personal attacks that are common in online debate, and focus on response quality–you have one chance to articulate your perspective on an article!

General Rules:

  1. Strive to add value – if you love an article that is great! However, posting publicly that you liked the article or support the message isn’t adding additional value.
  2. Be critical of ideas not people – share perspectives on the content of the article, not the individual writing the article or the source where it originated.
  3. Be respectful – hateful, inflammatory, or harassing posts are not tolerated and are a sure fire way for you to be suspended or banned from using our platform
  4. Stay on topic – article responses ought to relate to the articles content, not random topics.
  5. No self-promotion – talk about the content not yourself unless it directly relates to the topic of the article
  6. Be thoughtful & thorough – we are all prone to reacting to specific sentence / paragraph in an article that we disagree with or think is inaccurate. It is often good to read these sections again and pause and think about your response before posting. It may be important to “set the record straight”; however, a poorly thought-through post can be detrimental to understanding.

We do our best to review comments as they are posted; however, we won’t always catch everything. If you see a comment that doesn’t abide by our rules or you think we should review for accuracy please flag the content.

Think of additional rules you would like us to incorporate? email us at