Content Selection

Our process:

We review stories/articles from a number of sources and do not link content that is for entertainment (sports stories, gossip, etc.) and/or breaking news.

Prior to linking a story/article we use the following questions to guide our views on whether or not to include it: 

  • If data is referenced is it easy to determine the source and how it was collected/generated? Are sources linked/referenced? (it’s favorable if the answer is yes)
  • Are the conclusions drawn from expert opinion, peer reviewed study, independent analysis? (peer reviewed is optimal)
  • Is a counter argument acknowledged? Is it refuted? (acknowledging the other side shows an effort to be intellectually honest when making claims)
  • Is the article sensationalizing a claim to draw attention? (we try to limit articles that sensationalize claims)
  • What’s conventional wisdom on the topic? (evidence should scale with claims)
  • Is it easy to distinguish factual claims from opinion? (opinions masquerading as fact reduce our ability to draw accurate conclusions) 
  • Are conflicts of interest disclosed? (it should be clear what the potential motives of the story/article are)
  • Causation or Correlation? (it ought to be clear that the author understands the difference)
  • Is active language used to create buzz, draw false conclusions, or hype up a claim? (passive voice may help reduce hype – although the writing may be dry)
  • How biased does the information seem? Are biases discussed? (we all have biases, we should try to address them)
  • Are the claims verifiable? (if you can’t find evidence supporting a claim, it probably should be ignored)

We don’t require that all questions need to be answered favorably to link the story/article; however, if it’s apparent that it misses the mark on a number of the following questions we do our best to filter it out (we won’t be perfect).

Content Discovery

Where do we find linked stories/articles? (See below – it’s not exhaustive)

Al Jazeera Medium
Arc Digital Mic
Associated Press MSNBC
Axios National Review
BBC NeuroScience News
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs NPR
Bloomberg Pew Research Center
Brennan Center For Justice Politico
Brookings Institution Politifact
Business Insider ProPublica
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Reuters
Cato Institute Science News
Chicago Tribune Scientific American
CNBC Scimag
CNN Tech Crunch
Council on Foreign Relations The Atlantic
Curiosity The Fiscal Times
Economist The Hill
The Earth Institute The Marshall Project
Fast Company The Mercury News
FDA The New York Times
FiveThirtyEight The New Yorker
Forbes The Telegraph
Guardian Time
Health News United Nations
Heritage Foundation US news
International Business Times USA Today
Irish Times Vice
Kaiser Health News Voxx
LA Times Washington Post
Live Science Web MD Health News Center
Medical News Today Wired